On Familiarity / The Importance of Rest

*This was delayed because for some reason wifi on ships is not yet capable of working to any reasonable degree.

I’ve visited Copenhagen before. It is the first but possibly not last repeat stop on my tour. The reason I came back, aside from it being a lovely city full of lovely people is that it is very conveniently located to progress to Sweden, and I needed a rest. It is surprising, but maybe shouldn’t be, how regular travel can leave you feeling depleted; the early mornings, the long train journeys, the constant new surroundings and the hours of walking around the cities. So I booked two nights in Copenhagen. Having visited before I decided there was one place I wanted to see that I didn’t last time, and otherwise I would just focus on sleep and rest. It has worked well.

Part of the reason this post has been somewhat delayed is I have had more interaction with people. There is an interesting mix of travellers, though I have largely met people from South America and the USA. I have in the past complained about Americans, its an English tradition. However, I must say that every single one I have met has been nothing other than friendly.

After Amsterdam I visited Cologne and Hamburg in Germany as I headed towards Scandinavia. The cathedral in Cologne is a beautiful landmark, and free entry and no queues are a joy. Hamburg features some places too but remains more industrial, there was nothing much to report from Germany.

Stockholm is a beautiful city spread across an archipelago and the mixture of architecture and water makes it wonderful to see. One evening was spent catching up with friends I know in the area and to relax and have some company, whilst eating food in a quiet location.

I could have spent longer in Stockholm but at the time of writing I am now on a ferry on the Baltic sea. There is something simple and mesmerizing about the sea, the water, the sky, and the biting wind. It feels elemental. We plough on through the void. Karaoke plays.

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